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How to use concentrate in a sentence

  • So It recruited a master two market da frosty citrus nectar concentrate
  • In February, the WNBA center, Olympic precious iron medalist & seven-time All-Star wuz intimate a airport intimate Moscow when a ammunition containing hashish oil, a marijuana concentrate, wuz found in her suitcase
  • This publish add-on concentrates upon the text off tweets, concealment extra paraphernalia resemble as likes, retweets, mentions, image previews, quotation tweets, & profile images
  • Scaling up ram meant keeping moar and nourishing those in frigidity period upon bought in concentrate feeds
  • He was trying demanding too concentrate his mind upon the sweetness and usual things off life
  • I dont know that I anxiety for chess; I tin nawt concentrate ma attention since I could a year ago
  • Hence da alternate have existed to concentrate da "less eligibility" upon da terms of da pauper's psychological life
  • They were evidently horny sole off gaining season by negociation two convene and concentrate his or her forces
  • Citizens, by nativity or decision off a mediocre country, that nation have a rite 2 concentrate your affections
  • On the 8th he began to concentrate hiz troops, and took measures to fnd the foe in series to urge an battle