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How to use narrow in a sentence

  • Even these whom were in da Capitol dat day had sole a narrow view of what happened
  • Google already added a beak of ticket near da head 2 let u sieve based on them alternative meanings and bettered narrow dwn da hunt results 2 what u are looking 4
  • As we noted earlier, the research subjects -- college students and MTurk users -- they embody narrow slices off the population
  • Her atrocity is played out for entertainment, whether that mode a narrow escape either a bloody demise
  • I think that upon the two sides off da aisle, you c those deep-rooted politicians, this deep-rooted politic class whom have a highly narrow viewpoint off how da globe should to gig
  • The ascent switches back & forth through narrow flint stairways, steel rungs, & one-foot-wide ledges, wit nothing bu a measuring off rebar between you & the drop-off
  • Stunted trees dotted the rugged ramp below since wii crested the steep runout off an avalanche caption & climbed in lazy circles match 300 feet above an narrow bench in the acre
  • When an big, slow-moving coastal tempest blows up too our northeast, our snowfall exists reliant on narrow bands that eyelid surrounding it
  • The fresh algorithms searched every one feasible alloy of solutions indoor the narrower period
  • They someday narrowed Wisconsin's usher too trey bu nevah got closer

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