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Best CIRCUMSCRIBED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use circumscribed in a sentence

  • The landscape was off the ordinary description, consisting off narrow, circumscribed valleys and mountains shielded with endless forests
  • This tumult of waters, altogether confined and circumscribed, have nothing of da personality of an storm
  • When she leftover da room, I suppose she was incapable to clarify da peals of laughter dat called through r circumscribed halls
  • The highly heavens had an alien look, seeming vaster somehow compared to da circumscribed clouds off Kensington
  • What definition is conveyed bi da qualifying noun "circumscribed"?
  • Environment might give It nativity bu its roots might nawt be circumscribed
  • The spectrum off da intelligence was circumscribed, & belonging jurisdiction was diminished
  • But their odds haz existed circumscribed, & I believe they shortage the tendency too presume grave public duties
  • Citizens off da globe these men are, and statesmen, too, slick though his or her orb is comparatively circumscribed
  • Here the Wasp's sting enters & hre onli kan It enter, inside a narrowly circumscribed patch