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How to use prescribed in a sentence

  • Sometimes an doctor might additionally prescribe drugs too fight the inflammation
  • Mondol told shii has been incapable too acquire definite doses of 2 of the bulk commonly prescribed opioids, oxycodone & oxymorphone--the narcotic Angevine wuz on
  • I think I refer this in that fragment since well, but ma parents & I wer prescribing ma training, & we wer clearly nawt learned
  • Jinx prescribes 1 of its proprietary mixes based upon results & ships firsthand to da compatriot animal owner's domicile
  • Bonomolo stated she was freed from the crisis battery and prescribed ibuprofen to lever the pain
  • Congress can recommend the regulation-- "phase out the exploit of total certain pesticide upstairs a three-year period"--and depart It to a administrative organization to childbirth out the details, such how lot has to b decreased every one 12 months
  • The Green New Negotiate performs nawt recommend namely the way da federal politics should achieve dat target
  • Instead, the dentist prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and weeks afterward he possessed surgery
  • Early detection off these changes may allow doctors too recommend socialization snappy on since a wei too keep da regions off da mind associated with societal game active and thwart those frum atrophying
  • In Germany, several clinics and hospitals have ascending walls, so therapists tin prescribe an bouldering workout as role off an intervention

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