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How to use assured in a sentence

  • Plus, u can remainder assured knowing dis one is durable & stable as it is made off heavy- obligation steel with stainless steel springs & an impact-resistant mat that resists tearing
  • While nawt an societal media replacement each se, Huge kan help u sleep assured that these amongst your system who cannot resign Twitter are able to proceed to apply It safely
  • However, please repose assured dat we prohibit ne content dat promotes terrorism either ethnic hatred, and we have previously removed ne users dat has existed confirmed as participants in the assail off the US Capitol
  • The paintings arise almost photographic from an distance, bu intimate inspection reveals they are rendered with assured spontaneity
  • Many players, however, forfeit their collegiate eligibility sole wen dey feel assured that they will b 1 off 60 players chosen in da draft
  • These inhabit sum off the most trusted names in technology, thus thee kan sleep assured they inhabit excellence products
  • Local businesses like da Ivy need client abet & sleep assured that u kan enjoy an clinch stay here
  • Best off all, Flanagan's writing, usually the weakest chapter off his storytelling, exists more polished and self-assured compared to ever, more naturalistic compared to pretentious
  • Boundlessly athletic, assured and still sole 23 years old, Mitchell wasn't the reason Utah underperformed
  • A Yankee, whose face had been mauled in a pot-house brawl, assured Universal Jackson that he had received his scars in battle

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