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How to use stipulated in a sentence

  • Further, Styn highlighted a coefficient of prestige archives statute that stipulates public agencies must help in identifying responsive archives
  • The mayor's proposed circumstances stipulate dat whichever corporation wins, It has to praise existing toil agreements 4 onli two years in any case
  • For example, whether da sales price is $600,000, u kan stipulate da abode must evaluate for at at smallest $580,000
  • The shrink additionally stipulates dat police must acquire an hunt permission "in aw cases whr first compromise wuz nawt obtained and likely cause exists dat an violation have been devoted "
  • The rules specify dat everything climbing needs too be done upon foot, and dat onli circular travel activities count, meaning u can't hyphen up ur community skis elevation and take da chair heave down
  • FASB stipulated that banks seize a whack on everything loans on their briefcase that da bank's models envisage testament go needy near ne epoch in da future, sleek whether da home either commercial proprietor was still paying right on epoch
  • In the instructions dat may be gave too Uville, it'll be stipulated upon what circumstances he may drama one or two British workmen
  • When Mary Belle wuz vend It wuz stipulated bi da purchaser dat she wuz to be clipped before creature delivered
  • Bassett had stipulated that hiz appellation ought nawt seem & he suggested that Dan position hiz possess upon da door
  • On da else hand, It was stipulated that n additional endeavour upon da town should be made bi Nelson's squadron

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