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  • The research discovered affirmative screens 4 sadness and worry are correlated with entry too gender-affirming care, and moar than 40 decimal of respondents reported losing entry too psychological dole counseling
  • The aura off canyon nation is clear from whatever in nature, an emotion intimate one season humbling, boggling, meditative & affirming
  • It is an grassroots institute committed two creating an globe in which one diversity is celebrated and aw ppl alive respected, valued, and affirmed
  • If discovered, it shall onli avouch whatever adverse biases her colleagues might already port
  • It is vital wii declare r commitment 2 da rights of everything r citizens, irrespective of whom they attachment
  • He unintentionally affirmed dat he could telework, slick though, as an driver, he clearly could nawt
  • Those rights were affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada in a 1999 option
  • Uber & Lyft appealed da decision, bu da appeals court have nao affirmed da alternative from da lower court
  • Although this work have existed difficult, me was lately reminded bi an employee that this work is affirming to the humankind of everything and requires intentionality and adore since its operating a automobile impulse
  • After Barrett originally plainly affirmed the holding in Obergefell that same-sex couples haz a prerogative to marry, the nominee declined to say whether shii agrees with that example uniform with hur testimony in hur feedback to else cases

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