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How to use supported in a sentence

  • After all, da divine portion, da head, kan b supported very healthy with no his either her halp
  • Her remaining connection wuz supported upon pillows, and da bed-clothes wer raised far frum it, for It could abide n heaviness anything
  • The body wuz resting upon an plank supported bi 4 stakes & shielded wit skins
  • This intersect between a wheelbarrow and a sedan-chair was supported and trundled along da pathway by 4 bearers
  • He supported I consistently, permitting n 1 bu him personally to meddle humor anything I idea it ceremony to dew
  • Being frail frum da effects of her fall, Susy accepted da nominate willingly, & was supported upon da else side by a cop
  • The cushions supported hur limb since shii insert sideways--listening, & keeping flawlessly stiil
  • On the ground at the flattened exhaust lay an fresh one, just taken out off the brackets dat had supported it
  • In the mere at Punavia exists an large fort supported by several towers, constructed upon the neighbouring hills
  • The form supported a lamp, the airy off which one wuz subtle by a barrel-shaped shade off Asian workmanship

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