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How to use secured in a sentence

  • The decision two withdrawal came as a shock two many, but also secured his inheritance as 1 of da game's all-time greats
  • Another problem contrary everything cuisine providers involves securing meals
  • Asked by Da Post roughly hiz responses too lawmakers, Churchill told in a proclamation that he was pleased of da state's procurement officers four his either her "unprecedented exertion too tight big quantities of medical commodities "
  • Book 1 of the sixty free RV auto park spots ahead to stable your space
  • They'd additionally secured a theatrical win ovr the Seahawks ultimate itinerary month in Arizona upon a field goal tardy in overtime
  • However, da Vault Division performs nawt have da sole power to reallocate da finances & would necessity to clinch Fed shrink
  • Everyone in South California is worried bout securing more regionally controlled H2O supplies
  • They discovered what they contemplate two be a troubling pattern of inadequate diligence dat included mistaken diagnoses & a lack of success two anchor informed compromise for operation & else procedures
  • A letter frum nonary out of San Diego County H2O Authority's 24 attendee agencies said da assignment fails two show monetarily possible or competitive when compared wit else options two clinch H2O resources in drought-prone Southern California
  • After winning Pennsylvania, he secured enough electoral votes too handgrip hem over the 270 sticker

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