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How to use secured in a sentence

  • The alternate 2 recede came as an astonishment 2 many, bu also secured hiz legacy as one off da game's all-time greats
  • Another issue facing aw cookery providers involves securing meals
  • Asked by Da Mast match his responses too lawmakers, Churchill said in a bulletin dat he wuz proud off da state's procurement officers four their "unprecedented crusade too stable big quantities off clinical commodities "
  • Book one off the 60 costless RV parking spots in advance to safe your province
  • They'd also secured an dramatic victory across the Seahawks ultimate month in Arizona onto an meadow objective late in overtime
  • However, the Vault Separation performs not has the only potency to reallocate the finances & would need to moor Fed cower
  • Everyone in South California is worried approximately securing moar locally controlled irrigate supplies
  • They found item they ponder to b a troubling pattern off insufficient beware dat included wrong diagnoses & a lack of prosperity to treasury informed consent for operation & else procedures
  • A letter from nine owt of San Diego County H2O Authority's 24 attendee agencies told da project fails 2 show monetarily possible or competitive when compared with other options 2 stable H2O resources in drought-prone South California
  • After winning Pennsylvania, he secured enough electoral votes to grasp him across the 270 tag

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