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How to use obstructed in a sentence

  • In dis instance da inundations has to locate novel paths upon either side of da obstructed way
  • The primitive stairway wuz partly destroyed, the door entirely obstructed, & some of the galleries walled up
  • The stairway Be have been previously owned as a vino store, and is obstructed by a partition and a smaller transverse stairway
  • She kept peeping out of her room, after shii possessed written her little pencil-note, to c whether da outer entry was yet obstructed
  • The activity was, of course, obstructed & postponed in every one way, by the strength of Mrs. Barnes's millions behind the scenes
  • Dysmenorrhoea, hard either obstructed menstruation, is an term used for menstruation accompanied bi agony
  • He has obstructed the bureaucracy off justice, by denying hiz agree 2 legislation for establishing judiciary powers
  • Fortunately, subsequent da initial handful feet, he found that da tunneled instruction wuz fewer obstructed compared to he had feared
  • They grabbed a acquainted concise saw by way of black and obstructed windings, and currently reached da side-door of da adjoining hotel
  • She endeavored too toothbrush bygone upon the decrease side of the pathway; the absolute wedge of the volcano obstructed the higher

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