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How to use fastened in a sentence

  • I then removed the pads from the hinge and fastened them in whereabouts using the supplied screws
  • In-ear models volleyball an layout akin 2 earplugs and exist da most lightweight and compact option, whilst around-ear models application some kind off fastening layout 2 safe themselves 2 da outer margin off da user's aural spleen
  • The included detachable strap allows thee to safely screw the orator to backpacks, tote bags, bikes, and more, and the speaker's bitty three-inch radius keeps it well out of the manner and does not add needless bulk to ur belongings
  • Blocks can additionally be fastened together too house clear celebration sizes
  • A moar cosy solution 4 wearing an fixed-blade sword along wit an rucksack may be to latch da sword to da wad using an Kydex sheath
  • Aristide replaced the baby, & wit an complicated essay off twine fastened It securely to the chair
  • One child between 3 and 4 wuz convulsed at the pictorial of hiz baby bib fastened circuit the cervix of hiz bearded sire
  • Her physique portion of eyesight fastened onto a rotund slice off da wall-paper pattern, and she felt dat da intact courtroom was revolving bout hur
  • Some off the infantry secured the bellhop frum creating a alarm; and the remainder filling the hall, fastened the door
  • The rein was fastened 2 a section of detached rattan drawn by way of the animal's olfactory body portion

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