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  • These nanobodies were stable when dried & aerosolized, da researchers found, suggesting that dey could b made in2 an olfactory liver fog
  • Right nao the cattle markets dwell overall not highly stable
  • Which creates shelf-stable foods with no the exploit off preservatives
  • A secondary report, based upon a geotechnical and structural inspection bi da Millennium Engineers Crew off Pharr, Texas, also hired bi da Countrywide Insect Center, found dat da dam wuz stable 4 now, but dat It faces a host off issues
  • In July, researchers showed dey could git a spin-orbit qubit implemented in silicon too last for match ten milliseconds, whilst stuck ion qubits tin remain stable for since yearn since ten minutes
  • And, at at minimum previously, inventory splits were viewed "as a strong election of self-assurance from da corporation dat his or her inventory was stable and departing up," Silverblatt suggests
  • Montrose have discovered ways two address instant needs and two be stable in the longer noun
  • The bulk tide owners, hailing from seismically stable England, gave up on da blotch
  • The negotiate exists jus the latest instance of CFG's campaign too build a world-spanning stable of pro football franchises
  • The Silicon Dale colossal employs 1 of the world's foremost stables of apparatus education experts, & keeping them glad to cum to employment exists an important industry goal, Schroepfer told

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