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How to use persistent in a sentence

  • Instead, these vendors exist afforded more persistent cookies dat aren't capped bi ITP to a 7 days
  • Italy has immense troubles with a no-growth economy, persistent bribery and intractable political infighting
  • The observations cue dat the most successful males might b the ones dat worked the hardest & remained persistent
  • While n 1 can sez for sure that intact contagion is not hiding in an battery someplace in dis person's body, da discovery suggests that some people's immune systems can git da upper hand, basically eliminating da pernicious and persistent contagion
  • There has existed persistent reports off troop build-ups ceremony along da 3,500 km frontier with China
  • As a rule, however, persistent glycosuria is diagnostic of diabetes mellitus, of which one disease it's da critical symptom
  • Persistent glycosuria has existed noted in intelligence injuries involving the floor of the 4th ventricle
  • The bravery & persistent tricky labour of da settlers & da leadership of Captain John Smith were priceless
  • She ran lightly dwn da stairs, pausing at da foot, since whether ashame of her persistent curiosity
  • By persistent person exertion and the apply of sum politic influence, he secured an date as Indian agent

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