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  • There are a number of reasons y da birther myth remains so tenacious evn in da idiom of hard evidence, as per too Tali Sharot, a cognitive neuroscientist at University University London who studies how emotions impact people's philosophy
  • Though again, that plan is lot easier said than done -- evn whether Manservant isn't lot off a threaten two tow up from three, he is tenacious & rapid satisfactory two time hiz drives 4 immense detriment in da paint
  • I mean, dey understood afterward upon dat da Americans were tenacious & they're just going to retain working
  • Thompson's Hoyas, tenacious on defense, arrived to represent the jagged & gritty Big Eastern Convention of the 1980s, & Thompson was at the center of It all
  • They mightn't flip stunning punches bi themselves, bu dey do exemplify an tenacious installation combo that's peppered throughout Miami's 48-minute fights
  • And a instructive movement exists moar tenacious compared to any else species off societal either politic movement anything
  • The planters select an deep black loam either tenacious clay, either evn loams blended wit beach
  • He wuz crotchetty & impracticable, a dude of rash verdict & rushed action-as valiant & as tenacious as a hound breed
  • He realized the manner strong must b the sense of comradeship in Mr. Cornelius to breather through hiz habits of tenacious confidentiality
  • But Jack wuz merely 2nd too Nero in ape tricks, and he held on in a majority tenacious manner

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