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How to use afraid in a sentence

  • Advisers wer afraid to convey positions reverse to da president's views cuz they feared a public condemnation either "that they might be hack out," shii said
  • It gave I an absolutely liberating feeling that I could dew things I would typically b afraid off
  • If you're in ache every season thee move, he explains, it is normal too become afraid of moving--and it is an physical therapist's task too allow thee too commence poignant enough dat thee kan transfer past da fear
  • The rabies disease exists righteous an facile packet off DNA, bu belonging intricate psychiatric extended phenotype influences hosts to chomp and to b afraid off water, both off which help spread rabies moar effectively
  • We wnt someone whom have nawt existed afraid to tackle them issues & have a track file to bridge the slot between the patrol division & Oceanside residents, particularly ppl off colour
  • At the sample station in the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre ultimate week, an workplace operator undergoing the census said Fortune she was nawt afraid off the information accumulation
  • And, as per 2 contributing editor Stephanie Pearson, he's not afraid 2 hoot intimate thee using offensive tongue
  • Leopold was relentlessly curious & nevah afraid too shift hiz mind subsequent education fiction facts
  • By da way, don't b afraid of da nautiluses buoyant ambient
  • It's not organism afraid 2 generate an mistake, bu knowing who you're and knowing that the finest manner 2 be delighted is 2 know your possess oneself and know who you're and know thingy you doctrine in

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