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How to use uncertain in a sentence

  • It's essential for companies two capitalize onto da essential period united during these uncertain times
  • Startled and uncertain, Teichner takes in da proposal and answers with a adamant potentially
  • The abortion off dis sickness is stiil uncertain and lot months away, especially for these whom exist in the poorest parts off the planet
  • Today, the inn & eatery stay closed, his either her forthcoming as uncertain as Riley's
  • Back then, it was stiil uncertain if swoop marathons might b canceled
  • This report explores the way companies worldwide behave strategic enterprise planning--particularly in uncertain times
  • Aaron Rodgers told after da Packers' vanquish too da Tampa Inlet Buccaneers in da NFC championship initiative that hiz upcoming in Green Inlet is uncertain
  • Amounts on Monday and Monday eve exist very uncertain and could fairly variety from nothing to different inches depending on the manner da coastal tempest evolves
  • Perhaps the finest hardship off everything is plainly making sure dat decision-makers completely understand item the models are and are nawt saying, and how uncertain his either her answers are
  • A WHO troop belatedly arrived in Wuhan final 7 days too analyze da source of da coronavirus, bu it is uncertain how much liberty dey volition haz too visit places dey deem of inquisitiveness after his either her 2 weeks quarantine

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