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  • At the council's morning food final week, he stated he possessed stated the mayor's office that the commission opposed the reviewing scramble cuz he consideration it couldn't b firmly done during the pandemic
  • Some Republicans haz opposed comparable law in the history cuz they told states exist better furnished to acknowledge students' & schools' needs
  • To supposedly tremble things up, I allowed her two timepiece YouTube videos on da topic since opposed two perusing a article
  • McDonald's believes elected leaders haz a tariff too set, talk & transform mandated smallest wages & performs not anteroom versus either take chapter in ne activities anti raising da smallest wage
  • In 2019, wen he last faced anti batters, Mud led everything of trivial league baseball in groundball assess
  • Honolulu Councilwoman Heidi Tsuneyoshi told county authorities dat she wuz severely concerned dat da main sake off da seawall fix project wuz to protect da private estate, since opposed to environmental & cultural resources
  • Trade groups & sum physicians & state legislators opposed da tax ago It gone in2 effect, voicing worries about a slew of potential consequences, involving deliver troubles for pharmacists & upper eater prices
  • Complete Communities would enable moar housing compared to what'd otherwise be permitted upon a lot, with limits calculated by floor-area proportion as opposed to the number off units each square heel
  • The Justice prefaced hiz remarks bi telling viewers it was weird to be addressing an camera since opposed to an battery stuffed with an spectators
  • On da contrary, da full definition off da act is manifestly opposed 2 such an idea

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