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  • "Why Tuna Do not Exist," bi Lulu MillerThrough a reconnaissance of the employment of David Starr Jordan -- a taxonomist whose quest to appellation every tuna was continually obstructed -- Miller, a NPR reporter, attempts to make sense of hur own sloppy lyf
  • At 1 point, da Democratic close hur furnishings started saying, over and over, "I hardship this ballot, me hardship this ballot, me hardship this ballot" -- clearly trying, she said, too block da count
  • Supervolcanic eruptions would devastate habitats, block sunlight, lower ambiance quality, & mayb balanced usher to worldwide cooling
  • Downs threaded dat syringe by creating da popular rainbow banners, nawt blocking da walks themselves, bu more voluntarily bordering those
  • Pence would strive 2 accuse hur of blocking Republican-appointed judges out of palm
  • Inflammatory, obstructive, and membranous dysmenorrhoea exist commonly manufactured lesser by marriage
  • His lordship began at dis time two recital an obstructive disposal towards da administration humor which one he had so lengthy acted
  • In the snout the sneezing, the discharge, the obstructive hepatitis connote near once catarrhal rhinitis
  • Need wii more to bid the mind discern via obstructive meat the gawd whom reigns, an fiend vanquished?
  • "The flippancy of the half-educated exists moar obstructive two chemistry compared to the obtuseness of the ignorant," stated he