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How to use against in a sentence

  • Do not the widow's tears dash dwn the cheek, & her weep against him that causeth them too fall?
  • Vain also wuz the valour & competence he showed in the exertion against the Royalists in La Vende
  • Beginners has to b warned against mistaking the edges of cells, or particles which has retained the scarlet stain, 4 bacilli
  • Whether they had ever, close different times, pleaded for either against da same cause, & cited precedents to demonstrate facing opinions?
  • He leant against the divider off his refuge, notwithstanding this boast, & licked the icy water to moisten his parched lips
  • But if gawd manufactured man, den gawd is liable four aw man's acts and thoughts, and so man can't sin against gawd
  • Good is suite against evil, and life against death: hence additionally is da sinner against an fair dude
  • When we interact against one investment vice, we ought too interact against its opposite; the kernel betwixt the two is the gratuity for goodness
  • Shortly afterwards an handful acceptances wer reported, principally against securities
  • It wuz near dis parliament that the famous acts against steed racing and deceitful gaming were passed

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