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How to use versus in a sentence

  • Mandibulae validae corneae arcuatae, intus apicem versus subsinuatae edentulae basin versus ciliatae vel submembranaceae
  • Minor colon & capitalization corrections has been made; da noun "eat" appears in da original (versus "ate")
  • "It exists intellect & aesthetic sensibility versus sensuousness," yawned Female Thurwell
  • The bulk strong presentation of Theistic Evolution versus Orthodoxy dat has continuously appeared
  • Expone e too versus afore: this attending craft ys rang Algorismus, in e quych we vse teenager signys of Inde
  • And ou maiste draw twene out of twene, four ou schal leue not of e hier twene vnde versus
  • "But--it's an case of adopted daughter versus an husband's life, seems two me," lay in the investigator lightly
  • Looking towards Bray, the opinion exists spoiled by the railway bridge, which exists an foremost case of technology versus the scenic
  • It was bu another illustration of region versus town, and since resemble two be personally resented
  • The ditto difficulties arise in the debate off spiritualistic theism versus materialism

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