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How to use antipodal in a sentence

  • In discrepancy to, in entirely antipodal distinction from, Henry James, de Gourmont wuz an artist of the naked
  • Mr. Morgan, the millionaire banker, attends church conventions as an antipodal distraction
  • And the identical trait that wuz explicit sociologically have existed exposed in dis ours antipodal platform off psychical study
  • In belonging broadest statement, the study of the mind off tipping presents the 2 antipodal qualities off pride and pusillanimity
  • "The 2 governors are highly clear men--wholly antipodal characters, in fact," and anew Habersham smiled to him personally
  • Among aw those tales not any was more notable than those which one told of weird living creatures found in antipodal lands
  • In character u locate always two extremes, that seem too scramble in antipodal relations too apiece else
  • But It might be brainless to forget the attendance off forceful influences operating in an antipodal course
  • In dis style Marshall again states these antipodal philosophies frum which sprang the firstly two American politic parties
  • The Empyrean & Hell single remain, since da antipodal extremes of da former universe

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