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How to use anti in a sentence

  • Giffords joined filmmakers Betsy West and Julie Cohen upon the stage two confer the need four anti gun violence prevention, involving Congressional deed
  • My go-to anti-fatigue level mat, the Opposing Exhaustion Kitchen Level Mat by Eroghead, feels dessert and spongy beneath my feet, thus it serves since drive for standing whilst I work
  • But, as Patsky touchdown out, Google exists existence investigated for anti contending practices
  • Jealousy and suspicion line up the antis and knockers versus ne dude or scale greater compared to their two-by-four standards
  • To bestow him an celebration name, he transformed an anti-clerical, rigidly in an political & lawful perception
  • Martini appeared frum hiz little anti-room, with an airy in hiz hand, since da penitentiary timepiece struck ten
  • The unoccupied pallet off Martini lay in one angle off dis wretched anti-room
  • He frankly hates everything anti-tobaccoites & have an highest repulsion 4 da recollection off Monarch James I. & everything prince foes off da factory
  • Let n opportunity be missed of exposing da true nature of da disgusting and egotistical agitators of da Anti-corn-law organization
  • Anti-British emotion quickly increased on da wedge off da colonists next dis occurrence

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