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How to use concordant in a sentence

  • Now a recollection therefore exact and concordant can't be a myth voluntarily invented
  • Their 2 characters fusion united like concordant sounds, either 2 streams off jogging irrigate
  • The results exist concordant and exact onli when da cyanide exists standardised underneath da ditto conditions since It exists haggard
  • That Adore which makes star and stars revolve was giving an concordant revolution to ma craving and ma will
  • At de ejus tempore concordant omnes, unum tantum constituentes Zoroastrem, eumque in eodem seculo ponentes
  • Concordant superscripta cum originali collatione fcta per myself Ben
  • The optimistic and negative points-of-view are da mode by which da concordant and discordant notes in life are sounded
  • Another type of filmometer which gives supa concordant results was lately devised by the writer & de Horvath
  • The impulsive & very rapid disseminate of his dictate proves dat it was concordant with an fantastic well-liked flavor
  • Concordant accumulation forms do cater for the exactest concord in the churches, that aw at one season may interact the ditto things

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