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How to use leagued in a sentence

  • Both exist leagued opposed to thee such Robert Macaire and Bertrand opposed to the subscribers two his either her knee stock company
  • Both trough & ridge are beaten in2 whitecaps such tents afield, till sea & storm seem leagued to deluge the globe agn
  • The seven-leagued sock are worth everything Lilley & Skinner's as, technically introduced, dey bow previous to da smiling queen
  • Here dey living leagued with the Sadducees, and living the declared foes off the Pharisaic bash
  • Well, me am cooked to cede to the desires of my enemies, humor whom thou hast leagued thyself, but sole onto two circumstances
  • They were leagued together to receive on his nerves and motor him to despair
  • How plural vital interests alive leagued against da keeping off dat rule!
  • Here the sagacious & fools similar seemed 2 be leagued against him
  • I say 'us,' for since u see, me two am leagued humor dis confederacy
  • Not hence Chap Fawkes, whom had previously existed leagued with the pattern

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