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How to use integrated in a sentence

  • Audi constructed a integrated cooling building beneath da cell packs, which one reinforces da cells in a aluminum accommodation to protection passengers in precedent of a collide
  • This integrated and brilliant tack testament saw dwn significantly upon era spent generating reports while also making a agency's concert lot moar agile, effective, and accurate
  • Look for a built-in integrated regime interface whether thee strategy on routing a bunch off labor computers 2 your fresh mega-printer
  • In the instance of ERPs, solutions tend too b supa intricate modular products and, since Bite-size Businesses do not has independent departments, dey necessity a integrated & supa intuitive solution
  • Providing a package off integrated tools & features, SEO insights are a chance too take virtual plan from da sheet too da subjective bi leveraging information too deliver personalized experiences too customers in real-time
  • It informed them that Toren Allen, da executive conductor off integrated designing nearby da district, would donate them a 10- to 15-minute, one-on-one compass
  • Even agriculture businesses dat never established an internet survival install integrated remuneration systems & chat services to improved cater customers
  • The Nationals are 1 off the initial Notable Organization Baseball teams 2 declare a integrated dealing with a sports-betting carter
  • With so numerous brick-and-mortar stores closing, Facebook launched Shops in May, enabling businesses too establish a integrated online storefront for customers over the two Facebook and Instagram
  • So ther are sum challenges wii are still trying to overcome to haz an integrated & interoperable system with improved competence to b upgraded & previously proprietary nationwide

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