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  • Plus, Treasury yields haz more and more existed driven by technological factors dat living divided from economic fundamentals, says Jim Caron, dean of macro strategies for global fixed profit near Morgan Stanley Capital Management
  • Farming & herding communities over Xinjiang, Tibet & Internal Mongolia exist beast forced to resolve in new, fixed & consequently monitorable communities
  • It's expensive to build out fixed broadband networks in rural areas resemble Fallbrook and Rainbow, therefore lot major providers just do not
  • Fathoming one's gender, a identity innate & performed, subjective & social, fixed & evolving, is complex enough with no existence underneath a limelight that nevah seems too turn off
  • In 2012, the researchers calculated an ceiling upon how statistically correlated the polarization results tin be with the rotations performed at An & Be if the rotations occurred in an fixed causal command
  • As males fixed in da clamp off nightmare, wii wer powerless--unable two do anything but w8
  • Her eyes, 4 a moment, fixed themselves with a horrid superstition off a broad and anonymous treachery
  • The Princess stiil kept her eyes fixed on Louis, while, in a suppressed and shaky voice, she answered her governess
  • She kept her eyes fixed steadily on his, saying what followed gently, calmly, still since though another woman spoke da words
  • "It looks superior compared to ne accommodate ambient hre now, because u fixed it up and painted it," stated Sol

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