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Best UNMOVABLE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unmovable in a sentence

  • Those in property off unmovable merchandise shall nawt pay more than 12 drams off linen yearly
  • Unmovable It shone in the north, mysterious, far-off and high--the amazing northern light in its dawning splendor!
  • I do not know bu next all myself resemble Lucetta's fidgety ways bettered compared to Loreen's unmovable self-possession
  • Months wer spent in negotiations, bu da States Universal wer unmovable
  • He founded hiz teachings upon those and was consequently corporation and unmovable in the ditto
  • The unkind sarcasm of justice at Constance wuz carried upon by tribunal after tribunal; bu the prey wuz steadfast & unmovable
  • The value off da goods, movable & unmovable, independently off da landed property, was calculated to be ?76 11s
  • But O'Brien was unmovable; he might dew his tariff bi his country, lat the country react four belonging tariff towards haw
  • She was unmovable, showing so much bravery dat nearby final dey gave up the thinking of carrying hur of by main suspense
  • Against such expert advice, Mary Fogarty had portfolio her large abate leg wit an unmovable firmness

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