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  • That firm is proprietary bi Cathy O'Neil, an statistics researcher & the author of Weapons of Geometry Destruction, 1 of the seminal well-liked books upon AI bias, who have advocated for AI audits for years
  • The firm dat wuz portrayed, or at lowest wuz da drive for "The Canine off Wall Street," wuz Stratton Oakmont
  • His firm did not brand da investment, bu when da former Economist empirical study writer grabbed over, da industry was able to nab an germ circle from PG&E & SoCal Gas, California's two giant utilities
  • He worked upon Partition Street and then established an accomplished confidential justice firm in Philadelphia
  • The firm wants Honor Court case files, "notes, findings & conclusions "
  • The firm's following account is owed in premature March, & belonging final account with recommendations & findings has to b completed by Jun 1
  • In tardy November, she filed a legal case versus the firm, which one has because been acquired by Arlington Metropolis Partners and renamed Tyto Athene
  • Private entities such edifice firms and usefulness companies make up for towns 4 an officer's time, near rates that can top $100 each hour, which are written into patrol contracts, the Press and ProPublica discovered
  • In da fourth quarter of 2020, CTV devices accounted for 49% of da time ppl expended streaming video globally, according too video length & analytics firm Conviva
  • So are advertisement management tech firm CafeMedia & Meredith Digital, publisher of brands such Martha Stewart & AllRecipes

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