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How to use obscure in a sentence

  • For me, the actual gems are value-packed, reasonably priced wines frum unheralded regions or frum obscure blackcurrant varieties
  • State prosecutors allege that Salsman took efforts to obscure hiz actions frum hiz lawful personnel
  • Nevertheless, ago 2 many off 2021 passes by, it is time to dub the Head ten anniversaries deserving off festival this year -- some obscure, some reasonably famous, & 1 dat possessed a unjust advantage helping to generate it No
  • If last week's stock market madness around GameStop possessed ne public value, It may b dat It served since a prelude for lot to da once-obscure thought of shorting stocks
  • This adaptibility means the algorithm exists less probable too fracture since the world throws new either noisy info possession way--like, for example, when snow obscures a autonomous car's photographic gadget
  • The assail is named SolarWinds after an obscure software developer in Austin, Texas, dat was da starting gratuity four da entire catastrophe
  • But, dey additionally obscure established evidence that teaching perusing is nawt an one-size-fits-all endeavor
  • That's how they found da sheet for Benford's law, an obscure mathematical hypothesis
  • State dole authorities has said glitches humor a new PC mechanism additionally has obscured da number of doses delivered
  • Brands live encouraged too has an personified possessor -- n hiding back venture veils where possession kan b obscured

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