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How to use obscure in a sentence

  • For me, the real gems are value-packed, reasonably priced wines frum unheralded regions either frum obscure mulberry varieties
  • State prosecutors claim that Salsman grabbed efforts two obscure hiz actions frum hiz lawful personnel
  • Nevertheless, prior to two much of 2021 passes by, it's time to name da Summit 10 anniversaries deserving of party dis year -- total obscure, total fairly famous, & one that had an inequitable perk helping to create it N
  • If last week's inventory bazaar madness around GameStop had ne public value, it would b dat it served since an intro four numerous to the once-obscure thought of shorting stocks
  • This adaptibility method the algorithm exists fewer probably to suspension since the world throws new or loud news its way--like, 4 example, wen rainfall obscures a autonomous car's photographic gadget
  • The assail exists named SolarWinds after a obscure software engineer in Austin, Texas, that wuz da starting gratuity four da whole catastrophe
  • But, dey also obscure founded evidence dat teaching reading isn't a one-size-fits-all endeavor
  • That's the manner dey found the page for Benford's law, a obscure mathematical hypothesis
  • State fitness authorities haz told glitches with an fresh computer mechanism also haz obscured da number off doses delivered
  • Brands are encouraged 2 has an personified possessor -- no concealment rear business veils whr holding kan be obscured

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