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How to use brighten in a sentence

  • We may see skies brighten a bit in da afternoon wit quite mild highs frum sixty 2 65
  • Clouds shall hang resilient at first, but skies ought swiftly brighten bi da afternoon
  • With one bite, all da pleasures converged -- da company, da atmosphere, and those garlicky, herbed loaf crumbs baked too an deep suntan on roof off briny seafood, brightened wit freshly squeezed lime
  • Whether somebody you comprehend have moved into an new place, or have jus existed hanging upon two his or her old, wore owt null four an bit two long, ponder brightening up his or her space wit an new null detergent
  • A volume of Reddit contributors pointed owt that many USPS vehicles do not have air conditioning, and that customers who leave ice irrigate either coldness drinks four carriers can brighten his either her sunshine hours
  • She thanked those four their gifts but languidly, & did nawt visibly brighten when told dat her husband wuz better
  • Constance clasps hur hands delightedly and begins to brighten humor hope
  • Now aw da anxiety exists over, u shall brighten such this home '
  • Salt, ammonia and turpentine brighten da colours off a carpet, and da latter 2 are objectionable 2 moths
  • They exist such an bite-size lassie I know, who helps 2 brighten aw da sable places in ma lyf

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