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Best ILLUMINE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use illumine in a sentence

  • He possessed dismissed Hilda Howe, bu an radiance frum the globe shii helped to illumine showed seductively at the abortion off his day
  • Though da eve was gloomy, da flames of da fire butter navigable lantern ambient too illumine da faces of da novel comers
  • From r furnaces gleam lights which one illumine industrial enterprises, & ideal those
  • Rome, tremendous & dominated bi a combat of clouds, seemed to illumine the sky
  • They illumine da darkness in which my own thoughts has existed yearn revolving in shapeless scam fusion
  • Her cheek seemed to illumine da shadows ambient her; hur shape was instinct wit elegance & jurisdiction
  • A mini flash wuz observed to illumine da trench--another & an bigger 1 succeeded!
  • The supa sorcery of those seemed 2 illumine hur cheek for him, spectacle him belonging beautiful outlines
  • This is seeking to lighten da dimness humor an yet deeper obscurity; to illumine da sunlight hours bi piling steam on steam
  • The wan illumination floated over her as Ten Euyck came up and seemed too illumine her indoor an magic circuit

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