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How to use instruct in a sentence

  • Then thee exist instructed too fib onto an uphill bed--it looks such an sun mattress
  • A spokesman 4 Law implementation Chief Dave Nisleit told he is instructed officers, in the meantime, two thwart authorship seditious language tickets
  • San Diego Law implementation Commander Dave Nisleit has instructed officers to stop enforcing a century-old law that forbids "seditious language" since elected officials begin da process of repealing It
  • Then the nurses rail down and enlighten the person's contacts who've possibly existed exposed too the disease and instruct those how too quarantine
  • Public agencies over California exist now requisite too reword policies & instruct their officers that It exists onli moderate too take a life in defense versus a imminent bodily threaten
  • It's haggard too instruct crawlers upon the way too crawl & index ur page
  • Did u personally instruct da Novel Orleans studio to behave da hunt of his either her archives either cause such instructions to be given?
  • If Chloe is nawt well informed, imprudent and talkative Lycinion must take it onto herself two instruct Daphnis
  • Did you, yourself, personally legalize or instruct that the search be conducted which one produced those telegrams?
  • Out off love four the people, Paradise appoints rulers to protect & instruct them

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