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  • Democrats successfully argued four da case to b decided first near da condition level
  • There wuz no better pitcher in Major League Ballgame over the last 2 seasons compared to Jacob deGrom,3 and in dis shortened season he possessed taken hiz gig 2 premium level
  • On farther level, I'm content bi da lot ppl who have worked for me and who volition grasp those references and lay his or her conjunction into It
  • However, adopting Overall Capital Effect would demand a level of confide that advertisers would be reserved too bestow
  • First, da Cherry Timepiece Consecution 6, starting near $400, includes an fresh blood-oxygen-level sensor, an altimeter to quantify altitude, and an newer swifter processor branded da S6
  • I reside onto a hilltop, 400 lower extremities overhead ocean level, and ma home shall nevah be touched bi rising waters
  • For example, in tardy July searches four "dumbbell" & "Strava", a exercise app, still hovered 60% upstairs da widespread levels
  • According to the Northern Face, using 1,000-fill down wuz prohibitively expensive up to the brand designed its top-of-the-line apparatus four the topmost level off alpinists
  • Cressman's wuz located in Perpetual maple Ridge, at da 4,000-foot level, halfway frum da basis off da 4 alley pathway to Shaver Body of water
  • "Here's my authority, yuh blown runt," he yelled, and jerked his six-shooter too an level with the policeman's breast

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