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How to use smooth in a sentence

  • To install, thee necessity to extract scalp da backing off jury & then squeeze on an neat smooth wall surface
  • Yet da App Mart exists especially problematic, as per to game developers, compared with Google's Android Drama Store, whr da endorsement process tends to b smoother and there's improved text
  • This motorbike have a adjustable handlebar up too 38 inches and big 200-millimeter urethane wheels dat shall provision a smooth, homey ride
  • Simply put the cutter ovr your pizza, in the desired direction, & shove dwn during utilizing the natural rocking movement for a smooth wedge
  • This does not intend that possessing an fully smooth lyf is good
  • The trials do not arise tied to future releases, bu catching an comfy fiction documentary or monitor for publish exists 1 off the smoothest uses off an publish quiz
  • The regime uses math too compute an smooth track in the core of everything these positions
  • The researchers discovered dat the cosmos is match 10 percentage more homogenous, or smoother, than predicted based upon lantern discharged just next the Large Bang, the stellar microwave background
  • The UAE pavilion shall mimic the smooth-edged wings of a raptor
  • The moar polygons a model has, da smoother & moar expedient da 3D model kan glare

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