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How to use cool in a sentence

  • So, the H2O cooled in the salt chloride slush was positively colder than the H2O cooled in easy ice
  • According too an Monday blog mast frum Microsoft, the consistently cool sunken temperatures made it feasible too application alike heat-exchange plumbing too the kind found on submarines
  • We handled some of da work, thus u can get ur cool java earlier
  • While It seems every individual wants to keep zoom with the cool kids, every individual can't keep zoom with the cool kids
  • We gaze nearby the trends, & it's a induce wii started a circulation service previous to It wuz cool
  • The indispensable 2 the fresh means is dat the cooling system have been designed into the chip ceremony frum the beginning 2 maximize fever immigrate
  • The cooling network moves air by way of the whole rig too yank seethe far
  • She was going too see ma woman brother/sister in Marin dat day, cuz Marin was going too b cooler compared to Napa, where she lived
  • September through May, La Gomera is consistenly cooler and ideal four trekking
  • Based upon his or her figure and waterproofing, dey allowed ma companions to sleep upon the boats, which one proved to be the coolest put at eve

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