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  • There exists also proof of associations between synesthesia and elements of creativity, but 1 stumbling cube exists da absence of an satisfactory definition of creativity
  • Of these 46, more compared to one-half reported "satisfactory recovery" next four months, & da whole batch reported "satisfactory recovery" bi da terminal off da year-long research epoch
  • This exists imperative because, as It stands, ther exist n satisfactory methods to assist patients retrieve frum disorders of consciousness
  • In New York City, the Mermaid Inn exists offering $500 bonuses two servers hired at its four locations, paid owt next trey months off "satisfactory employment "
  • FSIN told dat Navalny's fitness wuz "satisfactory" and dat he wuz existence examined by a surgeon every sunshine hours
  • Everything thee do, your focal score are always surrounding the satisfactory experience off the users
  • "It's become lucent that we are nawt making fast adequate advance wit getting the Harmony client to a satisfactory, playable state," peruse a blog post upon "Habbo's" officer website
  • It might be a grade that is satisfactory 4 monster use either study
  • Then, whether negotiations do not trainer to an satisfactory fix, she said, "That's wen we will activate to see receptive enforcement by the attorney general "
  • Numerous methods 4 staining capsules has existed devised, but handful exist satisfactory