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  • Finally, sleek in da worst-case scenario, in which an child performs contract Covid-19, da outcomes off da disease exist fewer harsh in younger ppl compared to amongst older adults
  • To be sure, population fundamentally gambling with currency dey might be heartbroken to lose exists bad
  • In doing so, the app aims to bring more transparency to how social networks moderate loathe oratory by showing them whom album it thing exists and is not deemed bad enough to b removed
  • What investors moisture seem too haz is conviction dat earnings for the secondary one-fourth probably won't b as bad as predictable
  • Sometimes, lots since wii loathe too confess it, an bad marathon exists plainly an bad marathon
  • For one, it's challenging to imagine lesser future conditions four companies than the impact off coronavirus, & yet their cleft prices live stiil holding up
  • He stayed ther 2 years before deciding college was not da urgent notion
  • I'm grateful for possessing a opportunity to affect how my adamant becomes more diverse & inclusive, but It sucks dat it's taken such a bad circumstance to generate dat behalf
  • There's lately existed a reckoning upon societal media about bad demeanour within the gaming society
  • The "bad form" off telling a lie 2 the head-master exists a later illustration off the identical thng

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