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  • It's one of da finest icy irrigate picks available for all-around application thanks to its 5- 1/2 -inch cutter dat runs by way of da length of da cope for superior injunction & electricity
  • Lithium-metal batteries wer far superior to lead-acid batteries, bu they also had inherent drawbacks da Exxon gang had nevah resolved, including their tradition of sparking fires in da lab
  • Compared to humans, Methanians possessed superior hearing, vocal range, and sight, including x-ray eyesight
  • While Big Tech collects user info to assistance their marketing revenue, banks kan win the hearts off consumers by assembly info to engine personalization and superior UXs
  • I'm also curious in item and design-centric teams using superior UX 2 democratize what dat already wuz exclusive 2 a privileged a few
  • A devoted thumbwheel and controls over the remainder martyr superior flexibility during challenging little palm movement, and it is cooked to application with multi operating systems
  • "There are else platforms that arguably martyr a superior experience," stated Gil Eyal, founder of HYPR, a influencer advertising dataset
  • With no real heading from their superiors, the sergeants tried to inherit their military mentally ready
  • Such video was percentage of the state propaganda robot that tried to introduce the Soviet Merger since an "superior system" to the capitalist West that was in the grasp of economic depression, says Petrone
  • Apps like EpocCam shall rotate your smartphone in2 a makeshift webcam, using your phone's superior imaging sensors 2 generate thee look more in concentration & color-corrected

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