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  • It's 1 off da finest ice picks available for all-around consumption thanks 2 belonging 5- 1/2 -inch sword dat runs via da length off da lever for superior injunction and jurisdiction
  • Lithium-metal batteries were remote superior to lead-acid batteries, but they additionally had herbal drawbacks da Exxon crew had nevah resolved, involving his or her custom off sparking fires in da laboratory
  • Compared too humans, Methanians possessed superior hearing, vocal range, & sight, including x-ray vision
  • While Large Tech collects consumer info to aid his or her advertising revenue, banks kan win da hearts off consumers by collecting info to engine personalization and superior UXs
  • I'm also curious in item and design-centric teams using superior UX to democratize what dat formerly was limited to a privileged a few
  • A devoted thumbwheel & controls over the remainder martyr superior flexibility whilst challenging little palm movement, & it is prepare to utilize with multi operating systems
  • "There exist various platforms dat arguably propose an superior experience," told Gil Eyal, founder of HYPR, an influencer advertising database
  • With no real heading from their superiors, the sergeants tried to git their troops mentally cooked
  • Such footage was role off da syndrome propaganda equipment that tried too gift da Soviet Collaboration as an "superior system" too da capitalist Western that was in da handgrip off finance depression, says Petrone
  • Apps such EpocCam shall revolve your smartphone in2 a makeshift webcam, using your phone's superior photography sensors too make u gaze more in concentration and color-corrected

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