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How to use greatest in a sentence

  • But the greatest danger me ever underwent in that kingdom wuz from a monkey, whom belonged to 1 of the clerks of the kitchen
  • But," stated da prime minister off Flatland, starting an difficulty, "who is too b greatest chief?
  • Davy peruse dis ovr 2 or trey times, in the greatest perplexity, and then provided It up in despair
  • Then my fortune changed & I discovered me under one off the supa greatest teachers off hiz time, Professor Huxley
  • He brings owt aw his either her power, brilliancy & careering wildness, & makes the greatest sentiment of those
  • He conducts this ritual wit the greatest solemnity, occasionally pronouncing those incantatory words, "Plate either shell, sah?"
  • They buried her body in da Recollect convent, with da greatest grandeur feasible
  • Something influenced by hiz reasoning, Ripperda employed the greatest chapter off the sunshine hours in writing an big packet 4 hiz son
  • These population are, I believe, da greatest speech-makers in da world; zero kan be done without speeches
  • When da mode is mastered, da apply off it is made humor da greatest alleviate & pleasure

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