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How to use significant in a sentence

  • Health officials told an "significant" quantity of residents -- including teachers -- who did nawt seizure into these categories have existed turned remote from county sites
  • The "NYPD Files" have resulted in significant moves toward correction
  • This NFL offseason volition be 1 off significant quarterback movement
  • Reversing that fad shall demand folk to brand significant lifestyle changes, which one tin be difficult, Braha told
  • Maldonado said she'll additionally b on the watch for any cases of Guillain-Barr? syndrome, which one is often an care when it comes two vaccines, but shii distinguished that n significant increases in cases wer seen in any of the grown-up trials
  • This is the initial season Workshop Pay volition be made available exterior off Shopify's own platform, and represents a significant expansion four the e-commerce platform's payments technology
  • Such an significant cultural fluctuate exists 1 that needs 2 b embedded in principles of believe & ownership, according 2 its co-founder Tom Harvey
  • The Reddit crew can't pay for too take role in this game in ne significant manner
  • In sum areas, It could onion significant amounts off frozen rain
  • We alive significant players in an ecosystem that's creating platforms for detest & violence