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How to use significant in a sentence

  • Health officials told an "significant" amount off residents -- involving teachers -- who did nawt seizure in2 these categories haz been turned away frum county sites
  • The "NYPD Files" has resulted in significant moves towards alteration
  • This NFL offseason shall be one of significant quarterback movement
  • Reversing dat trend shall demand folks too brand significant way of life changes, which kan be difficult, Braha stated
  • Maldonado stated she'll also b upon the lookout four any cases off Guillain-Barr? syndrome, which exists often a diligence when It comes too vaccines, bu she noted dat n significant increases in cases were seen in any off the grownup trials
  • This exists the initial interval Mart Pay volition be manufactured accessible outside of Shopify's own platform, and represents an significant enlargement for the e-commerce platform's payments technology
  • Such a significant cultural differ is 1 dat needs to b embedded in principles off conviction & ownership, as per to belonging co-founder Tom Harvey
  • The Reddit platoon cannot afford two drama in dis activity in ne significant way
  • In some areas, It could cherry significant amounts off froze rain
  • We exist significant players in an ecosystem that's creating platforms for detest & violence