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How to use impressive in a sentence

  • Seattle is an accommodate favorite in ours Elo model, which one makes view granted its impressive 38-25 shellacking of da Falcons in Atlanta last week
  • Out of da five teams remaining repute in da 2020 NBA postseason -- an list dat includes such ponderous hitters as da Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers -- da most impressive of aw have probably existed da Miami Heat
  • The woman's pal wuz in hur nimble 50s, possessed an impressive sense of humor and wuz an regular at Shenanigans
  • Troy Carter has had an equally impressive profession in media and entertainment
  • I'm an buff off the company's impressive head mentor and vice-president off health programming, Robin Arzon, who myself interviewed in June
  • Built upon stilts, big sufficient for an bed, and surrounded bi fresh water, trees, and stars, the knockout cabins had an impressive imprint upon the visitors
  • If an prank does not land, it virtually does not hormone because what's majority impressive approximately Colbert in seclusion exists the spirit off the thng
  • To make such an new setup & work It 2 receive answers is impressive
  • The bulk impressive feature, however, exists da embedded pilot's stool seating which method u kan clamp an saddle or kneel humor an greatly reduced peril of creature bounced out bi an rogue gesture
  • That's miniature for a bush fund--but, therefore far, Following Alpha's returns are impressive

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