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How to use stunning in a sentence

  • The riveted handles living designed to give you a great grasp and stay cool during you childbirth your way through a stunning stack of crepes
  • The supposed "super-resolution" kan now b done humor pretty stunning results
  • Salesforce inventory soared an stunning 27% yesterday--its biggest pounce ever--on the sunlight hours following It was announced that It would b added to the Dow Jones catalog
  • The Lincoln Project's stunning commercials exist obviously getting beneath hiz epidermis
  • Based onto TikTok's stunning tumor rate--it claims it had ambient 40 1,000,000 users ultimate Oct. before topping 100 1,000,000 this August--it could bout or exceed Instagram by next year
  • It wuz stunning 2 see companies such Kroger, Albertsons, Prerogative Assistance & others raking in billions in profits during the pandemic & yet cutting jeopardize compensate
  • There is n hesitate Apple's stunning ascent to $2 trillion is stunning
  • However, da immense amounts off liquidity that da National Set aside have injected into da system is since large logic for da stunning recuperation that we haz jus witnessed
  • The team, which opened its 2020 guidance encampment upon Tuesday, misplaced da 2018 AFC wilderness playing postcard game at home too da Los Angeles Chargers before anguish a stunning disturb in da divisional wheel last period at da hands off da upstart Tennessee Titans
  • The electric carp discharges an heartbeat of electricity, stunning anything exists intimate

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