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How to use cloudy in a sentence

  • The noon draft is a particle gusty frum the west as temperatures contain in the mid- to higher 40s under partly cloudy skies
  • However, the actual input upon remdesivir yellow an slightly cloudy image
  • Onshore existing keeps us mainly cloudy today, before an cold fore sweeps via wit total showers tonight
  • Friday night ought be partially cloudy humor cooler weather as temperatures dunk back into da 40s to around 50 rite in da town
  • These hypersaline environments, pockets of brine from which one da sodium chloride crystallized, are thing justification da crystals two be cloudy
  • In general, wetter regions upstairs season got cloudier and thus furnace intimate night
  • "The climate report exists darkly cloudy with further storms upon the horizon," said William Schaffner, an catching ailment professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee
  • A golden sixty minutes sky looks weird if the objects in ur image haz the decidedly blue twinge that comes frum shooting under cloudy terms
  • It is small in cloudy swelling from toxins and drugs, and variable in renal tuberculosis and neoplasms
  • It wuz a cloudy, stormy evening: high wind wuz blowing, and da branches of da trees groaned and creaked across our heads

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