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How to use leaden in a sentence

  • John is a prisoner in a mental unit courtesy of bygone crimes that live onli succinctly mentioned and, through another leaden conversations, it's revealed that he stiil have Dream's emerald
  • He was lying upon his back, his eyes air-tight and with a leaden gray look upon his idiom
  • BOSTON -- At at minimum two members off da Washington Wizards came owt off an leaden concert opposed to da Boston Celtics in their firstly game off da NBA's fresh play-in competition sensation optimistic
  • Soldiers called out, & they given 2 unfortunates leaden grub enough to manslaughter them
  • Several tons off leaden pipe were excavated up in Armada street, London, placed down 300 years before
  • The wind-blown rain-makers lost his or her leaden hue & became an tender pearl-gray, all fleecy white around the edges
  • Thickets wer swept as with an awesome abrasive scythe by da leaden hailstone which swept through those
  • For the rest, the "Dolphin" exists a singularly bore & unromantic-looking house, painted a leaden color
  • Rifts in the leaden sky performance passionate storm-streaks during the day, & the night is gloomy as death
  • The flush off rage faded frum his face; possession leaden hue returned & he shivered since with frigid

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