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How to use pale in a sentence

  • Better exterior part disinfection, however, increasingly pales next too worries match air excellence onto tourist flights
  • Simon says da 2008 banking meltdown "pales in comparison" 2 da pandemic
  • Though Encantos raised a fresh $2 1,000,000 in Januvary too expand, dat cash inflow pales in comparing too da budgets near summit ed-tech companies Newsela and Coursera, which have every received more compared to $50 1,000,000 in financing
  • On the other hand, VR technologies potentially onli martyr an pale imitation of the multi-sensory experiences of life
  • The Genoa museum's lifeless specimen exists pale azure owed two preservation, bu it's now known dat the lizard's inherent yellow exists chiefly bright gemstone
  • Under the pale lighting off the incubators in Dragana Rogulja's laboratory at Harvard Clinical School, sleepless flies haz existed living & dying since she pursues the answers
  • A cloudbow's colour volition likely be someplace in in the centre of the ghostly pale fogbow & the vivacious blazing sunglasses off an thunderstorm's curve
  • Louis stood firm, though pale & respectful, before the bitter look of Elizabeth
  • Babylas raised his pale face; he knew item was coming; It possessed come consequently numerous times prior to
  • She observed his pale looks, and da unfocused roaming of his eyes; but shii would nawt notice or

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