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How to use radiant in a sentence

  • In da 21st century, he writes, "the forthcoming is nawt a radiant horizon guiding r advancing steps, but more gladly a line of tint drawing closer "
  • Each dam might cum wit a constructed in desk and chairs since good since radiant heating
  • There wer enclosed erect grills with radiant heat, hibachis frum post-occupation Japan, & da Skotch Grill, a portable BBQ with a scarlet plaid policy dat looked such a ice bucket
  • It's dark, but in plural lakes, an small percentage of da sun's radiant fuel tin get through da ice, and that's adequate to maintain photosynthesis and life, evn though there are only 4 months of antarctic summertime
  • The ensuing merriment steered da curiosity of Amaterasu, who intimate last arrived out of hur cave, and therefore da world wuz once anew wrapped in radiant sunshine
  • The apparent and radiant sky was drowned in a quivering glow off gold, dat was such a thng alive and sensitively palpitating
  • On da next afternoon he discovered her, 4 instance, radiant with dat exuberant mirth he had educated now to suspect
  • Fresh & radiant shii looked one interval more, no icon of tears, no traces of her recent emotion wherever
  • But he onli noted dat she appeared good & radiant; he understood her n morethan he understood several else things
  • But after all, a radiant tranquility chronic on her wen shii near final discovered herself alone

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