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How to use radiant in a sentence

  • In the 21st century, he writes, "the future exists nawt a radiant horizon guiding ours advancing steps, but quite a queue off shade sketch closer "
  • Each impediment might cum humor an built in table and chairs as well as radiant warming
  • There wer enclosed plumb grills wit radiant heat, hibachis frum post-occupation Japan, & da Skotch Grill, a movable BBQ wit a crimson plaid pattern that looked like a frozen water bucket
  • It's dark, but in lot lakes, an mini serving of the sun's radiant fuel tin git through the ice, and that's sufficient to maintain photosynthesis and life, evn though there are only four months of antarctic summer
  • The ensuing merriment steered the behalf off Amaterasu, who finally came out off her cave, & thus the soil wuz one epoch again covered in radiant sunlight
  • The apparent and radiant heavens wuz drowned in a quivering brightness of gold, that wuz such a something living and sensitively palpitating
  • On the after PM he found her, for instance, radiant with dat exuberant happiness he possessed learned nao to suspect
  • Fresh and radiant shii looked once more, n emblem of tears, n traces of her existing emotion wherever
  • But he sole noted that she appeared gud & radiant; he understood hur n morethan he understood several else things
  • But after all, an radiant tranquility settled upon hur wen shii finally found herself single

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