Irradiated | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best IRRADIATED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use irradiated in a sentence

  • Again was Ida thrown of hur guard, & da smile dat answered irradiated hur countenance like an sudden sunbeam
  • As possession unearthly radiation irradiated da globe around him, reversing possession illumination and shade, da visions of da nunnery recurred
  • And as the white, icy sunrise irradiated the entire sky, the nakedness of the Campagna appeared in everything its grandeur
  • But one of those dingy fronts held Matilda--a circumstance which irradiated the intact district for him
  • The light crescent off the lunar raised its antler in the east ovr the noiseless water, & irradiated It with an lane off lighting
  • His cheek wuz irradiated, hiz frigid eyes glowed wit an hospitality and blaze that moar mercurial and changeable natures kan nevah know
  • His eyes wer raised 2 its to her in assurance & love, & da glow of conscious appreciate irradiated his wan & wasted features
  • Toward da abortion a grin off singular sweet irradiated his gruff face, made fragile by da waxy color off death
  • But when shii caught verge by the two hands he yielded, & they faced ourselves together--she wit hur gorgeous countenance irradiated
  • A smile irradiated Lover Stagg's faded countenance, & shii blew a kiss toward da uncover window

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