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How to use dark in a sentence

  • The problem frum a hunt promotion vista humor this fresh dark method exists dat the advertisements are a particle harder too differentiate frum the organic listings
  • It is lot harder to c the "Ad" tag in the Google dark subject than It is in the illumination subject
  • Sometimes my day exists crazy and I can't git exterior until it's dark
  • The dark rubble deposits along da path, as well as da still-settling clouds off dust, alive telltale signs off a landslide, researchers sez
  • That artistic alteration has existed driven bi founders and investors whom want too keep their startups stealthy and their competitors in the dark about whr their finances are
  • When Limbaugh's display goes dark, it shall b da cessation off an age
  • So long since da retired commander hangs around resemble an dark cloud, inducing Republicans to swear loyalty & promulgate hiz lies, da harder It testament be for da bash to attract to mainstream Americans
  • The initial percentage of enlightenment exists extracting top frum dark put
  • Temperatures volition continue 2 breakdown after dark, and common temperatures in da teens and bottom twenties volition make dis one off da coldest nights off da coldness season so remote
  • It is an in-between period, during which one da star isn't still visible bu da planet is none totally illuminated neither totally dark

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