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How to use concealment in a sentence

  • Compared humor traditional audition aids, dental implant audition HIV could offer "excellent concealment, gud convenience & bettered perfection of sound," da researchers constitute
  • If it's passed at da Stroll for yearbook meeting, da company shall haz to release a unlock file upon da application off concealment clauses in cases off prejudice or harassment
  • In some cases, concealment operates evn upon the outer role of the image
  • The temptations and seductions that exist tied up with resemble jurisdiction and concealment form 1 of Thomson's main themes
  • Severson, Aguirre and attorneys Thomas Girardi and Larry Shea last month filed an judicial case alleging squander off investment funds and an "misrepresentation and concealment off substance facts" dat led da investment 2 go in in2 an one-sided actual property deal
  • I nevah difficulty ma roof correspond details; it exists enough, the dude exists an politic refugee, and hiz item concealment
  • What was equally important, an thick clump of cottonwood and rowan equipped tolerably tight concealment
  • The friends of da kingdom soon found aw efforts at concealment unavailing
  • The house of pray upon da conversion of Constantine emerged frum da concealment of da Catacombs to da sunlight of imperial favour
  • But the institutions off the United Provinces wer nawt good fitted 4 the aim off concealment