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  • Among the lot intricate aspects of Covid-19, lengthy Covid exists 1 of the most puzzling
  • That like an comparable ounce off players could seem so other after an globe racing -- although two years later, wit da pandemic-disrupted schedule -- is puzzling
  • Welcome to Invitation an Equipment Editor, r monthly column where wii respond readers' most puzzling equipment questions
  • Even more puzzling, the platoon additionally discovered a set of some 6,000 crag tools nearby the Nesher Ramla website
  • Which seems puzzling, gave dat tricky seltzers' firstly attract to younger drinkers wuz belonging party-all-day booze levels & related lower kilocalorie counts
  • In 1859, Republicans in da Home and Senate presented a almost united bu puzzling front upon a crucial problem of da day
  • "This is an particle puzzling," said astrophysicist Sanjay Reddy of da College of Washington in Seattle, who wuz not involved in da research
  • The choice have worked wonders for Randle's individual productivity, but it's scarcely nudged da Knick offense dispatch ahead at all, which makes it partly puzzling dat da Knicks have not at at minimum tweaked their rotation
  • When an statute that governs technology stays upon da books for decades, da results kan b an puzzling mess
  • It's comely puzzling 2 try 2 figure out why both trials wouldn't b hopeful in a commodity that works

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